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Chef Amy Ferguson  ★★★★★ When Only The Best Will Do.


Once you understand all that Chef Amy brings to the table, and have decided to project your dreams into reality, please contact us for a free consultation.  Your event is as individual as you are, and our initial conversation requires us to listen to you, to clearly understand your desires, the needs of your guests and family, and to work towards the same end.  As Cater Hawaii is a full service Catering Company, we are pleased to be able to offer the following services to our valued clients.

Private Chef Services (In Hawaii or Around the World)

From a romantic dinner for two on your favorite beach to Breakfast, lunch and dinner through your vacation.  When Amy's schedule allows she is the ultimate Private Chef.  (More...)


Corporate Event Planning/Catering (In Hawaii)

Formal sit down dinner for 1000?  Yes. Amy has done it again and again flawlessly. (More...)


Wedding Catering (In Hawaii)

Start to finish Cater Hawaii can help make that special day manifest it's fullest potential.

Cater Hawaii is the first choice for incredible Hawaiian Weddings. (More...)


Private Parties

Themes, Golf awards, Anniversaries, charity, Amy has cooked at some of the most exclusive private parties in the world.  She can also provide elegant drop off platters compatible with the most beautiful of settings. (More...)


On Location Catering

Cater Hawaii services on location shoots for commercials, motion pictures, sporting events and all media related

functions. (Craft Services) (More...)


Cooking Lessons / Dinner Party

A recent idea and a lot of fun, your small group can shop with Amy, Cook with her and then eat the fruits of your labor. (More...)


Consulting Resorts, new restaurants, menu planning, farm to plate procedures, modernization, kitchen design, Chef Amy is the prudent choice when you need the opinion of an expert. (More...)


Lecturing / Teaching

Chef Amy can inspire and motivate with her unique perspective on a variety of topics related to management, restaurant procedures and costing, branding, sustainability and her experiences in kitchens around the world. (More...)






In addtion to our Private Chef and Catering services in Hawaii we are also able to arrange the following services. 




Audio / Visual

Lights, PA, Movies, Screens, Power Point, DJ, and more.


Action Stations Sushi Bar, Grill, Omelettes, Waffles, all add a level of excitement to your event.



A wide selection of propping and decor is available through our company.



Musicians, Dancers (as well as dance instruction), Who Dun Its, Scavenger Hunts, Children's Entertainers, Hula, Jazz, Hawaiian and Tahitian.  We can find it.


Additional services provided by Cater Hawaii

All Rentals: Linen, China, Seating, Tables, Koa Chafers, etc

Floral Design



Photography / Videography


Theme Design


Rental Fees

Catered events will come with a breakdown of items required for rental.

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