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Chef Amy Ferguson  ★★★★★ When Only The Best Will Do.

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Although Chef Amy Ferguson lives, works and caters in Kona, Hawaii she is often asked to consult on a variety of food related projects in locations around the world.  As one of the most seasoned chefs in Hawaii and a trailblazer for women chefs around the world she has a completely unique, unspoiled and unabashed expert opinion.  Her standing as a chef amongst chefs is undeniable.


If you are in need of a highly experienced consultant who listens first, and presents her answers is a plain, down to Earth yet detailed manner Chef Amy may be the right choice for you. 


Modernization, Kitchen design, Farm to Table operations, menu planning, business plans, recipe development, staff management, problem solving, Restaurant concepts, are all within her scope of expertise.



She can be hired on an hourly basis as well as for larger projects which require more time and detail.   (Contact Us Today)